Library is always to be a backbone of the academic institutions. The Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, has constructed a well spacious library along with reading room for the use of their students. The Library is also well connected with the internet and atomization. At present it has 6153 number of books with 1650 titles. Library subscribed E-Journal facilities with 200 subscription of E-Journal. The library also consists with 22 refereed Journals with an addition of two foreign Journals. All the national and regional newspapers and magazines are available at the library for the use of the students. The library is open from 08.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs for the students. The college is providing 100 percent library facilities to all the students. Wi-fi facilities has been provided in the Library for the students and Faculties.

Pharmaceutics Laboratories

hese laboratories gratify the practical requirements of the subjects; Technology of drugs and cosmetics, Biopharmaceutics and Dosage form design, Biological Pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy, Dispensing Pharmacy and Unit Operations.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory

This laboratory is designed for aseptic area for Parentral manufacturing as well as microbiological preparations. This helps the students to familiarize with current Good Manufacturing Practices, design development and maintenance of aseptic area, growth, cultivation, isolation and identification of microbes its procedures for sterility testing and microbiological assays.

Pharmaceutics Instrument Laboratory

This laboratory is well furnished with sophisticated instruments like rotary tablet machine, USP standard Dissolution test apparatus, USP Disintegration test apparatus and USP Bulk density test apparatus. This instrument provide practical training for various Pharmaceutical Dosage forms like NDDS, Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Parenteral, Liquid orals and Packaging science.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

These laboratories provide facilities for practical synthesis in Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry, Structure elucidation of medicinally important compounds, identification of organic and inorganic compounds, CADD and QSAR studies. Microwave oven provides rapid and efficient synthesis of medicinally important compounds.

Sophisticated Instrument Laboratory

A well equipped and well furnished Sophisticated Instrument Laboratory trains students with the state of art of analytical instruments like HPLC, U. V. Double beam- UV single beam spectrophotometer and refrigerated centrifuge. This laboratory also assists students to undertake various research projects work.

Pharmacology Laboratories

Laboratory is equipped with instruments to carry out experiments on skeletal muscle relaxants, CNS stimulants and depressants, memory enhancer, analgesic and anticonvulsant activity. It is also equipped with instruments to carryout isolated tissue experiments. This well equipped Laboratory trains the students in the practical study of Anatomy Physiology, Health education, Pharmacology and Bioassay of various drugs.

Animal House

Pharmacology Laboratory Animal house is well ventilated, housed with different species of animal and is approved by CPCSEA, Chennai.

Medicinal Garden

A medicinal garden within the campus is catering the need of Pharmacognosy Department. The medicinal plants are tagged with their biological nomenclature and categories used in Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy.

Herbal Museum

Herbal museum is catering the need of Pharmacognosy Department. All Herbal drugs have been labeled with Biological Source, Chemical Constituents and Uses of the drug. Herbarium in the museum gives identification of the plant.

Computer Laboratories

The college has established well-structured air conditioned computer Lab for the use of the students. Computer Laboratory is well equipped with computer in LAN to impart practical training in computer programming. Dedicated internet line for M. Pharm students has been allocated. Forty P-IV Computers with 04 Printers have been established with required number ofsoftware for the use of students. An internet facility with 512 kbps wi-fi system has also been installed to make the use of the students.

Residential Facility for Girls and Boys

In order to cater the residential requirements of the academic programme, Sanskruti Sanraksha Charitable Trust provides hostel facilities exclusively for girls separately at the campus. The hostel is very spacious, neat and clean and well maintained by the trust. The SSCT is exercising its quality control and monitoring of the facilities and discipline of the hostel in close coordination with the employee of the Hostel.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

This laboratory provide basic knowledge for identification, extraction, isolation, fractionation, standardization of medicinal plants, Ayurvedic formulation, Homeopathic tinctures for better utilization of crude drugs.

Class Room

Class room are well designed with latest Technology of Digital Aids like Wall mounted Permanent LCD projector, OHP and Smart Classes.

Transportation Facilities

Transportation facilities are provided by trust from Nadiad, V V Nagar, Anand and Vadodara. Approximately 500 students utilize this service of transportation.

ATM facility

ATM facility has been has been provided for the students and staff. Safety of students are prime concerned. Staff and students can withdraw money at any time from ATM.

Canteen Facilities

Hygenic food is served to students. Students with good capacity can be served in canteen for dry and wet food.

Play Ground

Institute have Playground for outdoor game and even indoor game facilities. Outdoor games like Volleyball, Cricket and football are the prime like of students.

Indoor Games

Indoor games like chess, carom, Badminton are the special like.