About Management

The college is managed by Sanskruti Sanraksha Charitable Trust, with a motive to provide Quality educational facilities and thereby serving the society. Right from the inception the trust is functioning for the noble cause of education. The trust got the magnificent donations from Shri Indubhai M Patel (Ipcowala). We wish to progress still more and make more facilities available to the poor and the down rodent for developing in them intellectual, reflective, synthesizing and scientific temperament and also to develop in them humanistic wisdom, ethical values that build the spirit of humanity.

Sanskruti Sanraksha Charitable Trust runs (Ipcowala Education Campus):

1) Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy & Research Centre, Dharmaj
2) Ipcowala Institute of Engineering and Technology
3) B. Ed College by name of Dharmaj College of Education

4) Physiotherapy

5) School

Our Board Member

Shri Jitendra R Patel(Chairman) Shri. DevangBhai Patel (IPCOWALA pariwar) Shri. Chandrakant R. Pate (Managing Trustee)
The SSL trust is chaired by ShriJitendra R Patel. He has been involved in construction business at Anand and Navsari. He looks after major decisions for the development of the Trust.

ShriDevangbhai Patel as a Trustee has always provided his constructive suggestions, financial lookout and motivation for excellence in education. He has been involved in manufacturing of IPCO tooth paste.

Shri Chandrakant R Patel ismanaging trustee. He looks after routine work of the institute and solves all routine problems related to the Institutes. He is self-disciplined, motivator and decision maker.